0°F CORETECH 3.5 Sleeping Bag

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Durable mummy sleeping bag with 0ºF lowest temperature rating. CoreTech uses synthetic holofiber ultra compactable fill in multiple layers around the core.




Triple layer synthetic sleeping bag carries light and keeps you warm. Oversize designed mummy bag accommodates most people.

  • CORETECH PHILOSOPHY – Heat generated by the body’s core will circulate through more evenly through your body for maximum comfort and advanced performance.
  • CORETECH DESIGN EXPLAINED – Simply an additional layer of synthetic air core fill wrapped around the abdominal region of the bag creates a focused thermal barrier at the core of the body.
  • 0°F ( -17°C ) SURVIVAL TEMP RATING – Survival-only rating for a standard adult woman.
  • 15°F ( -9°C ) COMFORT LIMIT RATING – Lowest outside temp at which a standard man can sleep comfortably.
  • 30°F ( -1°C ) COMFORT TEMP RATING – Lowest outside temp at which a standard woman can sleep comfortably.
  • FULLY SYNTHETIC FILL – Hydrophobic silicone air core fill material selected for high compression to maximum loft characteristics.
  • RIP-STOP SHELL FABRIC – Tough poly rip-stop fabric protects from tearing while dye impregnated fiber features a rich color profile that resists fade and bleed under extreme conditions. 
  • ADVANCED THERMAL BARRIER ELEMENTS – Insulated draft tube protects against thermal seepage through full length of the zipper.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE BAFFLES – Control your sleeping temperature with drawstring chest baffle and hood opening.
  • JUMBO ZIPPER – Full length dual-slider zipper allows for easy opening from either end with extra long high visibility reflective pull tag.
  • 3-DIMENSIONAL GUSSET WALLS – Shaped sleeping bag walls create a space big enough for a grown person to roll over.
  • LASTING CONSTRUCTION – Major stress points are box stitched and double stitched for long term durability.
  • OVERSIZED MUMMY – Fits the tall and the small, the hefty and the hungry with an overall size of 86″ X 36″ X 24″ and a large boxed foot area. 5.5 lb trail weight.
  • COMPRESSION STUFF SACK – Drawstring closure with a buckle clipped flip over cap utilizing 4 webbing cinch-down straps for minimal pack size.


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Yellow with Black Trim, Blue with Silver Trim, Gray with Black Trim, Black with Coyote Trim

Lowest Temp Rating

0°F ( -17°C ) ( 255°K )


5.5 lb ( 2.49 kg )