0°F CORETECH 3.5 Sleeping Bag

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Durable mummy sleeping bag with 0ºF lowest temperature rating. CoreTech uses synthetic holofiber ultra compactable fill in multiple layers around the core.

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Triple layer synthetic sleeping bag carries light and keeps you warm. Oversize designed mummy bag accommodates most people.

  • CORETECH PHILOSOPHY – Heat generated by the body’s core will circulate through more evenly through your body for maximum comfort and advanced performance.
  • CORETECH DESIGN EXPLAINED – Simply an additional layer of synthetic air core fill wrapped around the abdominal region of the bag creates a focused thermal barrier at the core of the body.
  • 0°F ( -17°C ) SURVIVAL TEMP RATING – Survival-only rating for a standard adult woman.
  • 15°F ( -9°C ) COMFORT LIMIT RATING – Lowest outside temp at which a standard man can sleep comfortably.
  • 30°F ( -1°C ) COMFORT TEMP RATING – Lowest outside temp at which a standard woman can sleep comfortably.
  • FULLY SYNTHETIC FILL – Hydrophobic silicone air core fill material selected for high compression to maximum loft characteristics.
  • RIP-STOP SHELL FABRIC – Tough poly rip-stop fabric protects from tearing while dye impregnated fiber features a rich color profile that resists fade and bleed under extreme conditions. 
  • ADVANCED THERMAL BARRIER ELEMENTS – Insulated draft tube protects against thermal seepage through full length of the zipper.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE BAFFLES – Control your sleeping temperature with drawstring chest baffle and hood opening.
  • JUMBO ZIPPER – Full length dual-slider zipper allows for easy opening from either end with extra long high visibility reflective pull tag.
  • 3-DIMENSIONAL GUSSET WALLS – Shaped sleeping bag walls create a space big enough for a grown person to roll over.
  • LASTING CONSTRUCTION – Major stress points are box stitched and double stitched for long term durability.
  • OVERSIZED MUMMY – Fits the tall and the small, the hefty and the hungry with an overall size of 86″ X 36″ X 24″ and a large boxed foot area. 5.5 lb trail weight.
  • COMPRESSION STUFF SACK – Drawstring closure with a buckle clipped flip over cap utilizing 4 webbing cinch-down straps for minimal pack size.

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Yellow with Black Trim, Blue with Silver Trim, Gray with Black Trim, Black with Coyote Trim

Lowest Temp Rating

0°F ( -17°C ) ( 255°K )


5.5 lb ( 2.49 kg )