Mountain Lake Adventure
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The Secret is Out, 
People are Paddleboarding

There aren’t many other hobbies / sports that give you quite the access that paddle boarding does, and people are starting to catch on to that fact. 

With the advent of the Inflatable SUP, suddenly anyone capable of carrying a 25 lb. backpack can easily carry a watercraft anywhere they can climb.


Hello Adventure

Just like that there’s this whole new world open to your daring.

It Fits

So it turns out that roughly half of our Northstar Bags line will fit a standard inflatable SUP.

This means that you’ve got a heavy duty carrier that is easy to distribute loads among two people.


Build Teams
Make Friends

When people are pushed out of their comfort zone they work differently. Teams bond, strangers interact, and friends grow stronger.

Challenge and Overcome

Great change begins with a single step in the new direction. Learning to see obstacles as opportunities for tempering one’s mettle is a lesson of a lifetime.

There’s No Mattress Like Mother Earth

There’s no blanket like a Northstar Sleeping Bag. We’ve got you protected from summer to winter.

A few nights under the stars does wonders for washing away unknown stresses. A few bug bites remind you that you aren’t alone. One good campfire story can keep you awake all night long.

Time to break out the flashlights and hatchets because we’re going camping. We hope that you’ll join us out there!